Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)
To report a data error (typing error, missing words, misspelled author name, missing articles etc.) you can use the reporting feature built into PEP-Web.
Simply go to the article where you’ve found the problem, select the problem text or data, and then click on the menu item at the top (or bottom), “Report a Data Error”.
For example, suppose we found a missing paragraph in an article.  You can select a few words from the two surrounding paragraphs, and then click “Report a Data Error”, as illustrated below:

Highlighting the surrounding paragraphs before selecting "Report a Data Error"

Example of how you can highlight the surrounding paragraphs before selecting “Report a Data Error” in the case of a missing paragraph.

Similarly, if an important word is incorrectly used or spelled, and you are pretty sure it wasn’t that way in the original, then you can highlight that word before pressing “Report a Data Error”.
For example, if Megalomania wasn’t the right term here, and again, you believe it’s our error rather than an error in the original, then select the word and press Report a Data Error as shown below:
Now when you press “Report a Data Error” a form will pop up which you can fill in to report the data error.  Note that your username and the highlighted text will automatically be filled in for you, as well as the URL of the article with the error:
Assuming this is an error in our entry of the original (rather than being an error in the publication), we will correct the error at the first opportunity depending on the severity of the error and other load factors.
Again, this form is only to report errors where you believe the PEP-Web article is not true to the original.  You can also use this form to report missing articles, etc., just don’t select anything before clicking report a data error.
We are also interested in finding inconsistency in the names in the Author index.  If you would like to report an inconsistency, especially with your own entries, you can use the  Author Index Correction form to submit a change request to harmonize the listing to a single form of your name (or an author you are very familiar with). Note that changes reported on the Author Index Correction form are made to the index itself, not to the underlying articles. But if there’s an error in authors names in the article itself, such that it differs on PEP-Web from the actual publication, please report it as a data error below.
PEP is very grateful for reports that help us to improve the quality of PEP-Web.   Would you like to suggest new content to PEP?  Click Here