Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

Publisher’s Notice of Correction

We understand there are certain errors–beyond typographical–that creep into the publication process. These are errors that, before electronic media, simply resulted in the issuance of an Erratum in a future issue. In the modern age of Internet, however, some publishers are correcting the original articles on their websites instead.  However, PEP is an archive of the published journal content. Being an Archive, a historical record, we consider PEP-Web more akin to the paper copies distributed.  Like paper copies, we can not make any post-publication editorial changes to the PEP Archive database, and we cannot remove articles.  Instead, PEP depends on the Publisher Errata to point out the errors and corrections.  We will when possible, link the original article to the Erratum and vice versa.

As we convert from paper and other forms to our electronic archive, it’s possible there are errors in an article that were introduced by the re-entry of data.   We are particularly concerned with any errors which may have been introduced in an article’s front matter…titles, authors, etc.  If these errors are brought to our attention, and it’s clearly indicated that the original was different, we will correct the PEP-Web version.  You can use the form below, or the PEP-Web built-in “Report a Data Error” function built into PEP-Web to report errors.  The Report a Data Error function has the advantage of filling in information about the specific article and page of the error (as long as you highlight the error before selecting “Report a Data Error”.

Although our conversion process should catch Erratum and be able to link back to the original, it may be helpful to be notified when erratum are published.  Please use the form below to let us know, if you are able.


Where can we find the Errata. Please supply complete information, Volume, Issue, and Pagenumber.