Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP Personnel

PEP Directors

The Management of PEP includes:

The Directors of PEP include:

PEP Staff:

PEP Members

The British Psychoanalytical Society

Their current representatives are:

  •  Caroline Langley, BPS Executive Director
  • Sara Flanders
  • Cathy Bronstein

American Psychoanalytic Association

Their current representatives are:

  • Tom Newman, APsaA Executive Director
  • Lee Jaffe, PhD
  • William Glover

PEP Board Advisory Committee (BAC)

At its April, 2015 meeting, the PEP Board of Directors voted to establish a Board Advisory Committee [BAC] as stated in the PEP Bylaws. The purpose of the BAC is to provide for the financial and operational stability and continuity of PEP’s business as members of the PEP Board are replaced over the coming years.

The BAC will consist of former Directors of PEP who have stepped down from the Board, as well as individuals nominated by the PEP Board and Members of PEP (APsaA and the British Institute) as potential Board Members.  This composition will allow continuity to the operation of PEP by the experienced former directors as well as an opportunity for individuals proposed by the Members as potential Board Members to become familiar with PEP’s operations and the responsibilities of being a PEP Director. Suggestions by the Members is encouraged.

All actual appointments to the BAC will be made by the PEP Board.