Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

About PEP Inc.

Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing, Inc., or PEP, is a Not-for-Profit 501C-3 public charity registered in the State of Delaware. PEP’s mission is to further psychoanalytic scholarship, research and outreach through the promotion of its literature.

PEP, Inc  republishes data from other publishers, and PEP does not own nor originate our materials. Beyond the data, PEP is a service for online access to those aggregated materials.  PEP uses a commercial service to provide PEP-Web, which aggregates the PEP Archive data.

PEP follows very rigorous practices for backup and archive. Our data is at a minimum always replicated on three different servers in three different locations. In two of these cases, offline backups are being made daily, and in the third, backups and full archiving is being performed regularly. Two of these data sources have multiple personnel who can and do access the data regularly.

PEP continues to review documentation and other standards for trustworthy repositories to improve our current archiving systems and to ensure that our aggregated data collection is safely archived and documented.

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