Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

New on PEP-Web for 2024

This year, we are pleased to announce a substantial increase in our book catalogue with a range of contemporary titles from the New Library of Psychoanalysis. This series aims to stimulate the interchange of ideas across different schools of psychoanalysis internationally, and between psychoanalysis and other disciplines. New entries include studies on psychoanalytic education and clinical methodology, seminal collections of papers by leading analysts, as well as a contemporary clinical glossary.

The PEP-Web video collection currently contains 125 videos and is continually expanding! All videos are professionally transcribed and fully-indexed, allowing their content to be searchable.

With this new release, subscribers also gain access to a further year of all current journals which move out of the publisher’s embargo period: 2020 is now available for publications with 3-year embargoes and 2018 for those with 5-year embargoes.

Platform Updates

Scheduled for an interim release in 2024, PEP Preview is a new feature that will showcase a much wider collection of digitized titles from major publishers. The books in this collection will be fully text-searchable, with significant portions available on the platform, and with an option to acquire them directly from the publisher.

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Release Summary

This new release of PEP-Web contains the complete text and illustrations of 83 premier journals in psychoanalysis, 125 classic psychoanalytic books, 125 videos, and the full text and editorial notes of the 24 volumes of the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud as well as the 19 volume German Gesammelte Werke.

The PEP archive spans over 114 publication years and contains the full text of articles whose source ranges from 1909 through 2023. There are over 148,030 articles and 20,564 figures and illustrations that originally resided on 2744 volumes with over 1.34 million printed pages.