Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP has quietly rolled out a new feature to PEP-Web.  At the bottom of the PEP Banner we now have a “tip feature” which will help you get the most of PEP-Web, and help you to use PEP-Web more efficiently and effectively.  Originally, we thought we might offer a tip of the day feature, or one new tip each day. But we’ve decided to randomly show a new tip each time the page is refreshed. So you’ll get multiple tips each day!

You will only be able to view the first part of the tip until you hover over the tip. Then a  pop-up box shows up with the full tip.  Also, at the bottom of the tip, there’s a link that takes you to the support page where you can see the entire list of tips.

When you click on “See PEP-Web tips” (at the bottom of the tip) you will notice that you are now on the new PEP Support site!  You can find information about PEP-Web, subscriptions, support, and direct access to the PEP-Web digital archive.

Other easy ways to get to the support site:

  • Click on Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing on the PEP-Web banner area.
  • Click “Help” at the bottom of the PEP-Web page
  • Use the web address (URL)   Note that it’s just the URL PEP-Web, prefixed with the word “support”.

We hope that the new tip feature, and the new support site, helps  make your use of PEP-Web more efficient and enjoyable.  And we look forward to continuing to improve it over time.