Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

The “What’s new” section on the left side of PEP-Web shows the latest additions to PEP-Web.  New data is added, as available, towards the end of every week (late Thursday or Friday).

So, for example, this week we’ve added:

  • Brit. J. Psychother., Vol 29, 2013, Issues 1-4 and Vol 30, 2014, Issue 1. [see Note 1] [see Note 2]
  • J. Anal. Psychol., Vol 82, 2013, Issues 1 and 2. [see Note 1]
  • Studies in Gender and Sexuality, Vol 14, 2014, Issue 1. [see Note 1]
  • IJP Open – four new articles added [complete text available]

as well as a few added last Friday after the update:

  • Int. J. Psychoanal. Self Psychol. Vol 8, 2013, Issue 4 [see Note 1]
  • Psychoanal. Soc. Work Vol 20, 2013, Issue 2 [see Note 1]

[Note 1].  Since these are current content, due to contractual restrictions, only tables of contents and abstracts are available.

[Note 2].  To make sure as much as possible is covered, what’s new will only show the last new issue of any particular journal (so even if there’s more than one issue that arrives, you’ll only see the last.)