Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions as well as some tips that will make using the new update easier for you. Most pertain to use of the PEP DVD Archive, but some should be of use to users of the online archive (PEP Web).

Alternatively, if you are looking for answers to questions pertaining to search the PEP Archive, be it on DVD or online (PEP Web), then please click here.

Or if you have questions about PEP's partnership with PaDS, then please click here.

If you would like to know about Folio Views, then click here.

If you would like to know more about using the PEP DVD Archive on a Mac, please click here.

Finally, if you would like to know the differences between a subscription to PEP Web and the PEP DVD, then click here.

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Q. I am having problems running my PEP DVD on Microsoft Vista.

Click here for advice on how to resolve this problem

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Q. If I own an Archive 1v1, do I automatically get updates?

Each new update, which contains new material, will need to be subscribed to as one would do in any other subscription

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Q. When I update my archive, do I need to reconcile my shadow file with all my notes?

The reconcile process is not necessary to do if you really don't care much about maintaining your notes. In order to go through the reconcile process, you will have to switch back and forth between your PEP Archive DVD1v1 and PEP1v2 discs. You must also reconcile before you open for the first time V2 update. If you want to reconcile but have difficulty, you can still use your PEP Archive V1, until you are able to email or speak to a PEP Customer Service representative.

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Q. Why am I having difficulty installing the new version 5?

In most cases the problem is that you MUST DISABLE your ANTI VIRUS for the duration of the Installation - this is good advice for any installation of any new program and will allow for a smooth installation. If you are unsure about how to disable your anti-virus, please look at the Help file in the anti-virus program or call your Antivirus company for SUPPORT. Please note that some anti-virus programs do not easily allow themselves to be disabled and some versions (e.g. MCAFEE Antivirus) only allow for a 15minute Disable period. You must make sure that your anti-virus is DISABLED throughout the entire Installation process of the PEP DVD. And on some systems this could take a minute or two longer than 15 minutes. After installation is successful, you should enable your anti-virus program again. In addition, you may need to disable your ANTI SPYWARE and FIREWALL programs, if just disabling the ANTI VIRUS does not work. Make sure your disc is clean and has no fingerprints or debris. If you notice any marks, please clean with a soft cloth that has no sharp fibers.

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Q. When I click on the Print dialog box to print out an article, my computer freezes up and I am unable to get the print dialog box to come up unless I wait for an unreasonable amount of time. What can I do?

If you have difficulty with this function, you can alter one of your settings. Once the PEP Folio Views program is open, GO TO Settings>Options> PRINT tab> then click the box that says "Allow interaction between print dialog and TOC" That should remedy your problem. NOTE: We are finding this to happen only when your search generates many results (more than 100 or so depending on memory in your computer). If you work to contextualize your search (term x and y and z since 1980 etc etc), then this is not a problem.

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Q. When I try to open my PEP program, I get an error message that says "Invalid License File". What does that mean?

Generally this message occurs if you have either re-installed PEP back onto the same computer, where it was previously or that you installed PEP onto a new computer from a back up devise and NOT from the original PEP DVD's. YOU CAN ONLY INSTALL PEP FROM THE DVD. THE PROGRAM WILL NOT TRANSFER. To fix the problem, you must uninstall the program completely. You then must do a search with PEP in the named filed and look in your "C" hardrive for any files that are PEP related and delete them. Make sure you are deleting only PEP related files. Sometimes the files appear locked and will not delete, just delete everything you can, then empty your recycle bin, restart your computer and then reinstall the PEP ONLY from the DVD. Then you will need to follow the instructions to license.

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Q. When I try to open my program I get the error message LICENSE TIME EXPIRED.

This simply means that the 15 day trial period is over, the disc has timed out because you have not yet licensed your PEP DVD. To license your PEP DVD and get it to work, follow the instructions on the License Registration Help file to license by either e-mail or telephone.

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Q. Why are there missing links or no links from footnotes and what can I do?

There are missing links in the A1v5 despite the fact we have identified many missing in previous versions and corrected them. The problem is caused by extreme inconsistency in the way psychoanalytic publisher's format references - in some cases the same article is referred to in more than 10 ways and computers do not easily cope with this. We are working on the problems but would greatly appreciate all and every missing link (or any other data problem) being communicated to us via our "Bug Base". A missing link is only an inconvenience. If a link does not work you just have to search for the particular article (use author and title) using the PEP Search template as normal.

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Q. How can I see the chapter headings or content lists for the books in the PEP Archive 1v5?

Books in the PEP Archive have been coded as single works, just like articles. This is in keeping with academic referencing traditions. It is possible to see inside the contents of a book and to select a chapter accordingly as follows:

  1. From the help menu, click "About the PEP DVD.
  2. From that document window, press Clear Search (binoculars)
  3. Then click on the book you want.


  1. From anywhere in the infobase, with no search filter, press Ctrl->End
  2. Scroll up a little to find the book you want
  3. Click on it! [This feature is particularly useful for the Winnicott letters volume and the Laplanche and Pontalis dictionary.]

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Q. When will PEP put out another update? What journals will it contain?

PEP Web will update its existing journals and add new content every year.

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Q. I ordered my PEP Archive Update, but I have not yet received my disc. Is it coming?

If you think you have ordered and have not yet received your disc, you need to contact PEP Sales at Please include in your email as much as you can of the following information:

  1. When did you subscribe for the Update?
  2. How did you place the order? Website, fax?
  3. How much did you pay? By what method? (Credit card? Cheque?)
  4. Did you ever receive confirmation of sale from London ?
  5. Do you have any proof of payment, either through a bank statement or credit card statement?
  6. If possible, please give your PEP A1V1 order number.

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Q: I just installed the PEP DVD Version 5 and I cannot print or even copy. The icon or access through FILE>PRINT> is not selectable. What is the problem?

Once the PEP DVD is installed, you will need to license before the PRINTING or copying function is operational. Once you have followed instructions to license on the inside right hand side of the cover, and completed this licensing process, you will be able to print and copy.

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Q: When I try to open my program I just get a blank screen and the program does not respond.

This problem is possibly related to the Anti Virus program NOD 32. You either have to disable the NOD 32 program to allow PEP to open or you can try to add Folio Views and/or the NFO to the program's exclude list. So it would not check at all. The program freezes or disallows PEP to open because it is trying to check every kilobyte and that would take forever as our program is so large. This does not happen with other anti-virus programs that we know of, just NOD 32. In fact, when you do a search for "NOD32 exclude list", you'll see this is not a unique problem, and the solution works. Add views32.exe to NOD32's exclude list and it should operate normally. If you are unable to do this, then you have to decide if you want to use NOD 32 as your anti virus program. You might want to bring in your own computer consultant to try to do this exclusion for you as PEP does not assist with these type of setting changes. Click here for more information about NOD 32 .

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Q: What is Folio Views and why do I keep being told about it?

Click here for topic What is Folio Views .

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Q: I have the tutorial running on screen, but how do I practice with Folio Views at the same time?

Make sure that have folio views running.

Click here for topic Starting PEP DVD in Windows

Click here for topic Starting PEP DVD running the Macintoshl

With a PC try pressing the Alt and the Tab keys together to switch between the PEP-Help Manual and the PEP Archive 1.

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Q: I'm reading the tutorial on screen but when I click where it tells me, nothing happens

You may be in the PEP-Help Manual and are clicking on a picture of the screen. Try pressing the Alt and the Tab keys together to switch between the PEP-Help Manual and the PEP Archive 1.

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Q: I was reading the Quick Tutorial and then I lost it

It is difficult to know what may have happened. You either closed it by mistake or else you minimised it and had more than one other program running. If pressing the Alt and Tab keys together a few times does not find it, then you may have closed it in error. Just reload PEP-Help again found by going to Start -> Programs -> and then highlight PEP Archive DVD1v3 menu, where PEP-Help is located.

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Q: I'm using Windows and the TaskBar at the bottom keeps getting in the way

In Windows, the Taskbar is hidden or else the full screen of Folio Views will not be fully displayed. To hide the Taskbar click on Start , select Settings , click on Taskbar , click on the Autohide box to place a check in it and then click OK . To make it display again, move your cursor to the bottom of your screen and the Taskbar will pop up.

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Q: I'm using Windows and I've lost the Task Bar at the bottom

If you have selected Autohide in the Start -> Settings -> Taskbar then the Taskbar will automatically pop up when you move your cursor to the bottom of the screen. If you have hidden the taskbar by pushing it down to the bottom of the screen, move your cursor to the bottom of the screen and click the mouse when the cursor changes to a double-arrow. While holding the button down, drag the taskbar up until it displays.

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Q: Why can't I print PEP-Help? I only get a bit of it and it stops.

PEP-Help can only be printed out topic by topic. You have to open each topic (from the contents section accessed by the Contents Tab at the top of the PEP-Help screen) and then press the Print Tab. Click here for more about printing.

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Q: What is all this about Help?

What you are using now is the PEP-Help manual. Folio Views also has its own excellent help documentation which you can access from the program.

Click here to understand how to use Folio Help

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Q: I pressed F1 or clicked on Help when running Folio Views and I seemed to have Folio Views running twice.

Folio Views stores the help information in a Help Database. It therefore opens another window and uses Folio Views to access the database. When you press F1, Folio views will start again with the Help Infobase.. Maximize the windows displayed to easily see the help topics. Then press Ctrl+Home keys to display the menu of choices.. When you have finished using Folio Views Help, close the Folio View Help Window, (top right Icon on Folio Help window bar if window is maximized) and you will be returned to the PEP DVD-ROM1 database.

Click here to go to the Folio Help Topic

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Q: I can't remember how to start the PEP DVD - I'm using Windows

Click here for topic Starting PEP DVD in Windows.

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Q: What do I do when I have finished looking at PEP-Help?

Click on the File Menu and Select and click on Exit. Or Exit from the Window command. Select YES if asked "Do you want to save the file?"

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Q: What do I do when I have finished looking at the PEP DVD using Folio Views?

Click on the File Menu and Select and click on Exit. Or Exit from the Window command. You will be asked if you want to Save - this saves any annotations, settings, etc. Click Yes unless you have a reason not to. Whatever you do you cannot affect the underlying database only your annotations. Click here to know more about Study Aids

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Q: How do I find PEP Help again?

      Windows - There is a menu (shortcut) under PEP DVD in Start -> Programs

      Macintosh - An alias to PEP-Help is installed on the desktop or folder where you installed the alias to the PEP Archive 1 application

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Q: What does it mean to scroll?

While reading the text you may scroll through the text with the arrow keys on your keyboard. A faster way is to use the PgUp, and PgDn keys to scroll the text one page at a time. If in Folio Views make sure that the document window pane has been selected if you are wanting to scroll through the text. You can scroll through the Bibliography or Ranking list by clicking in the Bibliography or Ranking window pane and then using the arrow or PgUp / PgDn keys.

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Q: How do I make the text more readable?

On VGA (640x480 pixel) screens, you may find that there is too little text visible in Folio Views and that the text is larger than necessary for viewing. You can reduce the default size of the text and make more of each article visible without scrolling.

The default configuration of the PEP DVD is for 100% Zoom. If you want to see more text on the screen, or conversely, if you need larger type, you can decrease or increase the text size by following these steps:

Select the "Settings" then "Options" from the Main Menu.

Click on the Tab labeled "General".

Just above the "Browse" button is a small edit box labeled "Zoom". In this area, either replace the text "100" with a lower number (e.g. "80") to reduce the text size, or a larger number (e.g., "110"), to increase the text size, or click on the up (or down) arrow on the right side of the edit box to increase (or decrease) the Zoom percentage.

After you have finished adjusting the number, click on the "OK" button to save you changes.

Note: The change in zoom settings will persist on your system until you change it again using this procedure.

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Q: My searches aren't returning any (or enough) hits. It's as if they are not searching the entire database.

There are two possibilities:

1. If you are entering queries in the "Query Tool" at the bottom of the main window, Folio Views will only return the top 50 matcheed articles by rank .

2. Alternately, the scope of your search may be limited to "Checked Branches". A checked branch is an article, or part of an article, which is "checked" in the box to the left of the in the bibliographic entry in the contents or bibliography tab. This feature is used to limit the scope of a search, but this can be confusing later if you forget that you checked one or more articles, or under some circumstances, when the check is added for you by the interface.

To quickly determine if you have any branches checked, click on your PEP Search by Context icon to bring up the Search by Context dialog. If the "Checked Branches" option shows a checkmark, then you have one or more branches checked.

To clear all checkmarks permitting the entire infobase to be searched again, select the Edit menu on Folio Views main menu bar. On the drop down menu click "Clear All Checks". An alternative way to do this which is sometimes more convenient is to right click on the Bibliography pane of any tab, and select "Clear All Checks" from the popup menu.

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Q: How do I print out a bibliography list from one of my searches?

The new feature on A1v3 allows you to export your search to the document pane and then to print out all or some of those references. The Search by Context icon or [Ctrl + 1] or the Advanced Search icon or [Ctrl + 2] have the new PEP customized feature: "List Bibliography from your Search" . When you check the box and then run the search, your references will appear in the Document Window. With the cursor in the document window:

Press the Print icon on the Menu Bar

Select the Print Document Tab

Select the All radio and Press OK

Result : Your bibliography list in the document pane will print out for you.

Note: You can cut and paste any of those references into a wordprocessing document and then print or save.

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Q: I want to search the PEPArchive for "transference". The only problem is, there are 9600 hits! How do I get the top 75 references?

Select the Search Pull-Down menu and highlight 2 Advanced Search or [Ctrl + 2] or simply select the Advanced Search icon.

Type in the Search for box: [rank 75] transference

Press OK

Result: This search will yield the top 75 hits for the word transference. Please note that the references refer to the top 75 articles that have the most uses of the term transference within the article.

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Q: How do I print a ranked search hitlist? When I tried to print, I was only able to print out the title of the first article.

First do a search, such as the one above for [rank 75] transference and create a hitlist for 75 papers. In order to print that list out, do the following:

Click on your print icon or go to File --> Print

Choose Print Hitlist

Click on All

Press OK

This will give you the complete hitlist for your search. If you leave it on "Records" it will only print the first one.

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Q: When I print out an article, and then try to print out another article, I get both the 1st and 2nd articles. What am I doing wrong?

You need to make sure that you first uncheck the first article that you printed after you are finished printing it.

How to Clear All Checks

Put cursor anywhere in the bibliography screen (far left screen on Folio Views in All view Mode).

Right click (PC users) in bibliography screen and pull down menu will appear

Left click on "clear all checks"

Alternative method for both PC and MAC users to clear all references a. Cursor must be clicked anywhere in bibliography screen b. Go to the menu choice "edit" c. Click on "clear all checks". These two methods will clear any articles that you have checked previously.

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Q: How do I print out a partial bibliography list from one of my searches? I don't want to print every reference my search just yielded.

After you run a search and check the List Bibliography Only, you can tag any of the references in the Document Pane that you will want to print as a list.

Place your cursor in the Document Pane at the beginning of each of the references you want to print

Select Edit-->Tag paragraph to tag the specific references you want to print. Go to the print icon, Select Document to Print and make sure the dot is in the radio for Tagged Records. Your partial bibliography will then print.

Click on the Print icon Generate/icon_print1.gif

Select the Print Document Tab

Select the Tagged Records radio and Press OK

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Q: How do I print out a specific paper? I keep getting an empty page with reference on the top.

Make sure the article you want to print is in the document pane and your cursor is also in that pane.

Click on the Print icon Generate/icon_print1.gif

Select the Print Document Tab

Select the Section radio and check the box of the article you want to print.

Press OK

NOTE: You must uncheck article after printing. If left checked, it will continue to print each time you try to print something else.

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Q: What do I do if I get totally stuck?

Click here for information about customer support

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If you have any further problems or questions:

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