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Video Grant Update

PEP is very pleased to announce the successful projects as voted by the Jury for this first round of grants have now begun production. Find out about the successful film projects for 2013 here!


V14 Update

PEP launches v14 on 29 January 2014!

FIVE new journals added:

PEP Web is also pleased to announce the release of IJP Open, a new type of publication in Psychoanalysis. For the first time in the history of psychoanalytic publications, you are able to view papers submitted to the International Journal of Psychoanalysis before peer review and before the process of development and selection. You are invited to join in a peer discussion of those papers and to see the reports of the formal reviewers (find out more here). Authors can have their work read and discussed almost immediately; your paper will appear on IJP Open within two weeks of submission and will be open for discussion, and it will almost immediately be indexed in the PEP Literature Search. Readers can take part in an international peer discussion of papers submitted to the International Journal of Psychoanalysis before formal peer review and selection. You can also read the formal peer reviews of submitted papers. Subscription to IJP Open is free, please see here for further information on subscribing to IJP Open on PEP Web.

New features for v14:

PEP has a new banner and look for its pages, with a new tag line: “A Psychoanalytic Library at Your Fingertips”.

Freud Standard Edition and German Collected works are integrated such that by hovering the cursor in a paragraph of the GW the uses will get the equivalent translated paragraph in SE (and vice versa from SE to the German in GW).

PEP is continually adding films to the Video platform, with concordant text that is also searchable in the PEP Literature Search and links back to the PEP Archive.


Coming Soon

Other future feature upgrades, including SE and GW paragraph concordance and an enhanced printing format, are planned for summer 2014.

PEP has developed a Book Publishing Policy and its main aim is to obtain the rights for book content that is heavily cited in PEP references, but not already a part of the PEP Archive. Adding new book content is in process but is slow, as obtaining copyright is problematic. Most publishers withhold these rights and want to electronically publish themselves. Psychoanalytic authors, when negotiating contracts, should try and maintain some of their electronic rights even if limited to being on PEP Web in the future.


PEP Web includes a video platform. Try it out!

The PEP Archive at http://www.pep-web.org/ has been extended to include a video platform. It will allow PEP to upload and save films to a new video archive integrated with the existing text archive.

Find out more about the video platform and grants here.